Welcome 2016!!!

CapsI say it every year, but this year don’t treat yourself right, treat yourself AMAZING! Taking care of you before others is OK. How can you be 100% if you don’t put yourself #ONE!

Please feel free to come in and look around in your new boutique!!! From t-shirts to caps, we are KC proud and have many selections for you to show your pride!

T-ShirtsSe Faire Belle will hopefully become a “Green Circle salon” this year affiliated with the Kevin Murphy team. This means our salon would collect hair clippings and then send them out to absorb oil from off shore spills.

We would also like to introduce Daniella our new salon coordinator, she attends Staley high school and hopes to own her own fashion boutique someday. Taylor is no longer with us and we wish her all the best in her future as she continues to discover her career path.

Renee Cegelis

Owner of Se Faire Belle